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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Cashmere Bites - Cooking Class With Wakanetwork Deal

Cooking Class on Wakanetwork
Develop your talent and skills in cooking at Cashmere Bites! Learn new ways to cook for less! Great opportunity comes once in a lifetime, so grab this class now for only $38!
Brain Cook: Cooking is good for the brain. It’s now thought that our ancestor, Homo Erectus, first used fire to soften meat 1.8 million years ago. Because the nutrients in cooked food are more easily absorbed, the British primatologist Richard Wrangham has argued that this allowed the human digestive tract to gradually shrink, enabling us to stand more easily. Cooking also encouraged us to socialize, which expanded our neural pathways and made our brains grow larger. Mouths, once used mostly for ripping and grinding flesh, were able to spend more time talking and singing.

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Thank you very much for visiting 'A Light Perspective'. I enjoyed the blurb above on our history :)

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