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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

How To Find The Best Jewelry Deals Online!

Photo Credit: One Heart Art

With so many stores at your fingertips, shopping online is an easy way to spend less and save time. Online businesses usually have fewer overhead costs, so they’re free to sell fine jewellery at prices that retail stores just can’t match. As you flick from website to website, you should be able to catch online companies selling-off surplus stock at rock-bottom prices.

However, shopping online is a double-edged sword. Without seeing the product in person, can you be sure it’s anything like the picture suggests? Here’s how to duck those online issues and save yourself a pretty penny too:

Search Like A Pro

Hit Google’s search bar. You should know what you’re looking for. If you want a pearl choker, don’t just type “necklace” into the search engine – be as specific as possible. Big names have the monopoly on general and popular search terms, so outwit them by knowing what you want.

Do Your Research

If you’re planning on purchasing precious or semi-precious jewellery, you must do your research. Knowing the lingo will stop you from getting scammed online. Planning on purchasing silver? Know how to identify quality through markers and weight. If you suspect that your purchase is fake, always send it back and ask for a refund.

Have you chosen a distributor? Always check their customer reviews and popularity, as this is a good indicator of great service, as well as brilliant products. The site should be secure, and so should the transaction. If you’re making an expensive purchase, always make it through a credit card, as this offers you further protection from fraudsters and faulty goods.

Know You

Some items of jewellery will need a specific size. Rings, for example, range from A – Z in size and gambling with this is risky. Have yourself measured beforehand to avoid poor fits.

Know the seller’s return and exchange policy. If your jewellery doesn’t fit, it would be good to know that you can take it back. Make sure you know the amount of days you have before a company will refuse a refund.

Shop Around

Don’t just choose the first site you come across. It pays to shop around. You never know what fantastic deals you might find if you just set aside the time to explore as many websites as possible.

Sales can offer up fantastic opportunities to save money. If you have a retailer that you love, but you can’t afford their prices, wait until they slash the RRP and pounce! Now’s your chance to snap up some bargains.

Ask Questions

If a beautiful piece of jewellery is advertised as genuine gold, ask the distributor to prove its legitimacy. In the event that the seller doesn’t provide acceptable documentation, walk away. It may be worth visiting a jewellery store and asking them what you should look for in online jewellery to prove that it is what it says on the tin. Precious metals are expensive and no-one wants to pay premium prices for a dud.

Zoe, a British blogger and accessory aficionado, has written this post in collaboration with Pearl & Butler, specialising in silver jewellery throughout the UK.


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