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Saturday, February 2, 2013

The Three Worst Gifts To Buy In 2013

Yet again it is the start of another year, and you know exactly what this means, it is time to start thinking of the gifts that you are going to have to buy throughout the year. With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, it is about time you got your plans in order and start deciding what gifts you are going to get your loved ones this year. The last thing you want to do is leave it all until last minute and buying gifts that no one is going to want.
To help you organise your thoughts a little more, here are the worst 3 gifts to buy in 2013.

Gift Cards

We are only into the first month of 2013 and we have already seen three major high street names on the brink of closing down for good. For the last couple of years we have seen many high street names going into administration and closing down for good. The first major shock was when we saw Woolworths close down in 2007.
When a company goes into administration there gift cards/vouchers will immediately be unusable, this practically leaves many people unhappy as they have been left with a useless piece of plastic. There is nothing that the company can do to resolve this issue, so it is for the best that you avoid buying gift cards in 2013.

Essential Items

If you know someone has been after a vacuum cleaner, bathroom cleaning set or a car manual if it’s a gift for him, it does not mean that you should buy these items as gifts. Even though the person needs these essential items, a gift isn’t about something someone needs; it’s a chance for you to show how thoughtful you are.
You should surprise your loved one by choosing giftware they are going to love.

Unusable Items

Before you buy a gift for someone, you should have a think whether they will get any use out of it? Don’t buy a man a tool set if he is one of the campest men you know, you should choose a gift that will suit their personality and style.
Before you go out shopping you should get organised and make a list of gifts that you think people would appreciate. Throughout the year you should listen out for anything that they make obvious they want, surprise them a few weeks later with the perfect gift they have been after for a while.

Kerry loves advising people on how to choose the perfect gifts for him. She gets all her gorgeous home and giftware from


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