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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Important Things To Consider When Buying Furniture For A Conservatory

If you have a conservatory in your house, whether it was already there when you originally moved into the house or you paid for and arranged for its installation, then you are unlikely to need to be told about the many advantages of having a conservatory. However, you might be uncertain about exactly what type of furniture to buy for and place in your conservatory. What factors should you most consider when buying furniture to use in your conservatory? Thankfully, this blog post can help you to answer that question...

Consider your own conservatory

Firstly, you should consider exactly what your conservatory is like in terms of its style and available space. This is a crucial step as, ideally, you want to buy furniture which will not only pleasantly aesthetically complement the rest of your conservatory, but also - obviously more crucially - actually fit into your conservatory, and without sacrificing the typical comfort of using it. When considering furniture for your conservatory, you should remember that a conservatory is often used by people, including both the house in question's residents and guests, simply to relax and enjoy outdoor scenery in.

However, you might have very particular ideas about what you would like to use your conservatory for - in which case, you should obviously take account of this when choosing which furniture to buy for the conservatory. For example, if you intend for family meals to be enjoyed in the conservatory, then you could buy a dining table and chairs. Alternatively, you could buy a sofa style furniture set if you intend the conservatory to be used more casually and spontaneously.

What is typically popular among furniture for conservatories?

It also makes sense to consider what furniture other people often buy for their conservatories, as they are likely to buy that furniture for very good reasons. Rattan furniture, for example, is often used for conservatories - and, indeed, the natural simplicity of rattan does help to enhance many of them.

Furniture manufactured from synthetic rattan has proved particularly popular in recent years, thanks largely to its high durability and UV resistance. Furthermore, the material is easy to clean and effectively blinds in with other decor.

Consider many other factors related to your conservatory

Your choice of furniture should also be influenced by the temperature, humidity and exposure to the sun inside your conservatory. The chosen furniture will have to be able to resist the damaging effects of all three of these things in order to remain attractive and usable for a long time; hence, it should be durable, flexible and fade resistant. The aforementioned rattan is renowned for its fade resistance.

Indeed, how long furniture is likely to last in your conservatory should be a crucial consideration. Ideally, you don't want to have to keep replacing your conservatory's furniture, as it would be not only expensive but also damaging to the environment.

Post by Philip Lomax of Select Furnishings one of the UK's leading online retailers of indoor and outdoor furniture, including rattan garden furniture. To find out more visit


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